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Passion, work and simplicity are some key-words that have always distinguished the way of doing of C.A.M.P.

The passion is the one for the mountain and for the products that help everyone that go out there to accomplish their dreams and projects; the work is the one handed on for more than 115 years by four different generations that succeeded to the helm of the company, and the simplicity that marks a way of doing and collaborating based on seriousness and fairness.

Those ingredients allow to answer with major strength and effectiveness to the demands of today’s market that calls for innovation, new proposals and solutions, fantasy and reliabilità, safety and fun. C.A.M.P.’s mission though is to conceive, design and develop innovative technical solutions which can improve safety, performance and effectiveness of the products bound to the most demanding customers of the outdoor and industrial markets.

All this passes through the culture of innovation that is deep-rooted in C.A.M.P.’s heart from the early days, and we can remember as an example the first ice-axe with metal shaft, the first crampon with rigid structure, the first modular ice-tool, the lightest carabiner at 33 grams. All this happens thanks to the constant presence on the field which is supported today by an organization that invests primarily in R&D, with the assistance of first-class technical advisors such as Tomaz Humar, Simone Moro, Denis Urubko, Valerio Folco, Cristian Brenna, just to name a few.

Today (2006) already more than 10% of the working force of C.A.M.P. is engaged in the Research & Development  division, but the goal is to reach 20% in the near future.

The company’s structure allows by now to export products in 60 countries around the world, two of which (France and USA) are headed directly by dedicated facilities in the country. The distribution network is adequately supported by logistics structured on several hubs that allow deliveries in a few hours in every city of the world.

The relationship with the customers is seen more and more as a partnership where the collaboration is not limited to a mere commercial dealership, but implies reciprocal trust and participation in identifying the fundamental needs of the customer and the solutions that C.A.M.P. can offer.




BY STEFAN GLOWACZ – “Sun set when Uwe and I reached the summit plateau of El Cap tired and exhausted, after climbing the “West Face” in only one day.”

“Our feet were burning like hell in the way too tight climbing shoes that we had to wear. And then it came down on us, like a flash, like a vision. We saw a pair of shoes. A shoe that fits so perfect and so customized that even after twenty hard core pitches, or after half a day of bouldering, nothing hurts and climbing still is nothing but fun. The vision disappeared and after this enlightenment, we knew that something had to happen.”

“At this time Uwe and I tried to distribute a Spanish climbing shoe brand in Germany, but over and over again we had to drown our frustration about late delivery and unsatisfied customers in gallons of Rioja red vine. It was one of these nights when we sat in Uwe’s apartment drinking and listening to loud Red Hot Chili Peppers music, when we had our vision again. “Why don’t we fu$%&***in’ start manufacturing our own fu$%&***in’ climbing shoes? Who knows better than a climber what a climber really needs? You are a sales genius and I know how to develop and to build rock footwear.” We started to write this vision down and after waking up the next morning the first thing we saw on this red vine soaked piece of paper, were two words – Red Chili. We knew what we had to do.”

“Two years later the first pair of Red Chili rock shoes came to the stores. We were as proud as could be and still are. In a pretty short time the Red Chili brand established itself as one of the leading climbing shoe manufacturers world wide. Uwe still is the “marketing and sales force” behind everything that we are doing, whereas I am the front man and the master mind in developing and researching new products.”

“In the meantime red chili is ten years old. We have gained loads of experience in all respects, joined forces with the guys from the British “Cam Company” Wild Country and are more motivated then ever to build the most perfect rock climbing shoe in the whole wild world. Who else than we, the climbers, could do this job any better?”




At Nicros, we pride ourselves on offering the finest products and the best services for the climbing industry. We offer over 1,500 different handhold shapes and training tools, as well as seven types of climbing wall systems (A.R.T.Wall™, WestCoast™, Nicrolite™, Nicros-SegWall™, Nicros-EasyWall™, Nicros-GranitPanels™ and Nicros Boulders). Constantly seeking to innovate, we introduced our new patent pending Westcoast™ frame-free system.

This new system drastically reduces the amount of steel required to build a climbing wall and reduces labor in the field which saves you, the customer, money and time on the job.

In addition to our fabulous wall systems, Nicros also offers the best and most durable landing surfaces available, as well as a loose chunk rubber and Nicros’ new gymnastic-like landing mats that velcro together to form a continuous padded surface in front of your climbing wall. To make your turn-key climbing wall project complete, Nicros offers a training program for your facility and staff called “Risk Management, Operations, Protocol, Evaluations, and Safety concerns” or R.O.P.E.S.™ for short.

Nicros employees have extensive experience in climbing wall programming and operations which make them the perfect people for continuous. Whether we’ve built your wall or not, we can offer training programs from climbing wall operations and risk management to routesetting.





Here, you can view the latest international competition venues and dates, and latest world rankings and competition results as well.

The IFSC was created unanimously by its members on January 27th 2007 and is a continuation of the International Council for Competition Climbing which has been in existence since 1997. The IFSC is member of Sportaccord and is recognized by the IOC.





Chiang Mai Rock Climbing Adventures is committed to helping individuals, organizations and schools in Asia. We work to improve motivation, communication and cooperation through rock climbing, team building, experiential learning, leadership development and business consulting. We incorporate concepts from mountaineering, rock climbing and adventure travel to teach people and organizations the skills they need to succeed in life in both individual and team settings.

We aim to provide unique services that challenge the community to climb mountains and achieve success in any facet of life. Whether through leadership development, rock climbing or business modeling, our programs aim to develop personal skills and enhance communication and understanding between people encouraging them to reach beyond themselves and tap into their true potential.




CIA is a Hong Kong based Climbing Progression Certification Organisation. Main clients include Hong Kong University.




Based in Thailand, Bangkok, Climbing Factory is one of Thailand’s biggest service provider for Climbing related Products & Services. Products include construction of Climbing Structures & Climbing Gears. Services provided include Outdoor Climbing Excursions, Organizing Climbing Events & Climbing Gym Conceptualisation & Design.




We are in progress to be sport event in the SEA Games 2007, as long as all of the member could ensure their own NOC of the prospect our sport in youth development, where ASEAN community’s future lies.

The aim of SEACF is to foster climbing and mountaineering activities in the region, through competitions, meetings, gatherings, and other inovative ways of activities.