Mobile Activity

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Mobile Wall Climbing

Top rope climbing services to be delivered to your door step. With the combination of top rope climbing and fun elements, we present to you 5 different types of wall features to fulfil your satisfaction. Currently we have rock wall, bee wall, box wall, carnival wall and barrel wall for you to select. We ought to bring you more and more excitement from time to time.


Pedal Go Kart 01

Pedal Go Kart

New and fun activities had be added to rental list, imported all the way from Netherlands, we introduced to you, pedal go kart. Is a new experience and challenge for you out there who want to pedal in a much fun and safe way. Available 10 units for rental services and is one of the best activities in our list.




It is too boring to just invite family and friends come to your place for BBQ or party dinner without any other activities other than eating. Now we have a solution for you!! Rent our trampoline and you will have the best time with them throughout the day. Our trampoline equipped with safety net and high durability parts.


High Rope Obstacles 01

High Rope Obstacles

Maybe this activities you have seen it before in some parks or camp site, but have you ever thought of having it for your event and the audiences will be amazed to see it during your event.  We promised to deliver the fun and excitement. The structure come in 2 different scales and can have 4 to 12 elements respectively.