Beginner’s Guiding

“For me now, I feel that climbing is a part of who I am. It’s my way of life. It’s my way of expressing myself. My way of being in the world. In the past, I questioned it a lot. Now it’s obvious. This is who I am. This is what I do.”

– Chris Sharma (world renowned climber)


What is climbing?

It is all about FUN!

Climbing is not all about strength. It’s not all about overcoming your fear of heights. Many a strong man has been humbled by the feminine graciousness and apparent ease of a woman moving over rock. Climbing is all about balance, knowing your body and being able to re-position it in space. It’s about creativity, learning to adapt to what the rock has to offer. It’s a whole-body exercise and though your upper body gets a fair share of grunt work, your legs and feet are your most important instrument for upward motion. It’s about concentration and overcoming your fears for the void.

You don’t need to be young or extremely fit to pick up climbing. Many people start later on in their life, and there are excellent climbers of all ages. I personally know some climbers well over fifty that still can compete with the young sharks.

For me personally it’s all about discovering the natural world around and within you. Climbing will bring you to lots of lovely places and will definitely give you a unique perspective on the world below you. You’ll learn a couple of things about yourself and the people you climb with.

Climbing is both an individualistic and social sport: when you’re on the rock you can only count on your skills to get to the top. If you do fall however, you’ll have to trust your climbing partner with your life. Beyond question. No mistakes allowed. This often makes for very strong bonds and relationships.

Learning to climb is very much like learning to ride a bike or ski down a snowy slope. You’ll never forget the basic moves, but will need years of practice to perfect them.

Climbing styles come in many flavors. The basic games include: bouldering, indoor climbing, free rock climbing, trad rock climbing, solo climbing aid climbing, ice climbing and alpine climbing.


Let’s Get Started!

  1.  Get a SHOE!

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Climbing requires special rock climbing shoes that allow you to step on small rocks and surfaces, while powdered chalk absorbs the moisture from your hands, allowing you to have better grip. But worry not, the gym rents out both shoes and chalk for RM5.00 and RM3.00 respectively.


2.  Stretch all MUSCLE!

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Don’t be surprised if your entire body aches the next day after climbing. The sport tends to heavily involve almost all the main muscle groups of in your body and thus going through extensive and detailed stretching before exerting yourself is advisable. Don’t wanna pull a crucial muscle!


3.  Pick a route and conquer!


In the Madmonkeyz gym, there are preset routes for you to attempt if you are unfamiliar of where to begin. Just follow the coloured stickers beside the holds and note where the ending of the route is so you know where to move toward. You’re allowed to use only those holds marked with stickers of the same colour!!


4.Enjoy the moment and come again!

Climbers would usually have attempted certain routes and not be able to finish it on the same day. But don’t worry, the route will remain there for a months until we perform a reshuffle and clean on all the holds on the gym. So you would have ample time to come and complete your unfinished routes, and when the gym holds are reshuffled, more routes for you to attempt!