Outdoor Climbing




At MadMonkeyz we want to create a culture where climbers become familiar with all forms of climbing, from the workout and training environment of the indoor gym to the great outdoors. Outdoors Climbing is one of the most exhilarating and interesting forms of sports recreation.


  • Malaysia, an eco-tourism & eco-extreme sport dreamland. A country gifted with great natural treasures.
  • With its rich terrain of mountaineous areas, the central inland areas of  Peninsula Malaysia & Borneo has some of the best climbing spots in South-East-Asia
  • Malaysia has a wide array of Limestone area and also Granite & Volcanic rock. Both at the inland areas, the coastal areas & islands
  • These climbing spots which are located around cities and town across the nation makes it an ideal destination for travelling local and international climbers alike
  • Thousands of bolted sport routes
  • Might get hot at times though!



Msia-Map1Malaysia’s potential for Outdoors climbing has yet to be fully tapped and there are lots of other cliffs waiting to be explored. The climbing areas listed here are established and bolted for sport climbing:



 MadMonkeyz provides services for beginners & advanced climbers alike to explore and pick-up Rock Climbing at Malaysia’s diverse climbing areas. Here are some of our packages that we offer:

Level: Absolute Beginner

Who is eligible: Children (5 & above) & adults of all ages with no serious physical & mental health or disability issues(5-12 years old must be accompanied by parents. Children from the age of 5-18 years old must have a signed letter of consent from parents or guardian). This will make a great family outing.

Minimum no. of participants: 8

Duration of climbing Time: 5 Hours

  • All participants will assemble at the climbing area (if transport has been arranged, then our guide will pick you up).
  • Our guides will set various routes for you to climb
  • As the name of this trip has the words ‘Fun Climbing’ in it, we really do mean that. You do not have to worry about belaying. This is all done for you. All you have to do is focus and enjoy the climb and focus on the exhilarating experience.
  • Time and location permitting, we will set up a rope for abseiling purposes.
  • There will be lots of great discoveries and also time for photo opportunities.


Level: Beginners

Who is eligible: Children 12 years old & above(Children from the age of 5-18 years old must have a signed letter of consent from parents or guardian).  Adults of all ages  with no serious physical & mental health or disability issues.

Minimum no. of Participants: 5

Duration of Climbing time: 8 Hours

  • The ‘Top-Rope Experience’ course will teach you the basics of top rope climbing. This course will teach you the basic climbing knots such as the figure-of-8 and also teach you correct top-rope belay technique.
  • By mastering the techniques taught here, you will increase your confidence in belaying and also learn more technical climbing movements. You will be able to advance to more technical routes and improve on your climbing ability.
  • You will also be prepared to advance to the next level of lead climbing by learning how to ‘second’ a climb.

At the end of this course, you will be able to belay correctly, have knowledge on the workings of belay equipment, have knowledge about the workings of a Top-Rope anchor setup, learn climbing call signs and also learn danger prevention for the climber you are belaying and yourself.


Level: Intermediate to Advance

Who is eligible: Climbers that have successfully completed the ‘Top-Rope Experience’ Course

Minimum no. of participants: 2

Duration of Climbing Time: 5-8 Hours

Lead Climbing is one of the purest forms of climbing (the absolute purest alternative is climbing without any rope or safety equipment – DO NOT try that). With mastery of Lead Climbing, the participant is able to climb independent without the need to depend on others to help them set anchor once they have topped a route. On top of that, Lead Climbing requires better skills in terms of techniques, mental concentration and the ability/knowledge to handle safety equipment’s.

Once you have learned & mastered Lead climbing, you will be able to climb any bolted sport routes all over the world.

  • The Lead Climbing course will teach you to master some of the most important safety & climbing techniques in climbing.
  • This course will provide you with:
    • The knowledge and usage applications of runners & quickdraws.
    • Lead belay skills & techniques
    • Learning how to take & catch a fall correctly
    • Bolt integrity
    • Setting up anchor for various anchor types
    • Lead Climbing gears handling
    • Locking & Resting techniques


Level: Advance & Above

Who is Eligible: Only experienced Lead Climbers are allowed to take this course. Potential participants have to demonstrate a strong knowledge or Lead Climbing procedures before they are allowed to participate. Multi-Pitching without proper mastery of Lead Climbing basics is dangerous and therefore should only be undertaken if you meet this requirement

Minimum no. of participants: Courses are 1-on-1

Duration of Course: 5 Hours

Multi-Pitch Climbing is one of the most exciting experiences in sport climbing. In Multi pitch, we are able to climb to areas that have surpassed the first anchor of a route or longer than your rope allows (provided there are bolts and anchors on the pitches above). This course is great for climbers who have climbed many lead routes and would like to explore and push the boundaries of their climbing skill & knowledge.

Skills learned will include:

  • Correct multi-pitch belaying techniques & catching falls.
  • Knowledge of Fall Factor & falling on a multi-pitch climb.
  • Safe anchoring
  • The correct equipment’s & correct rope handling
  • Knowledge & application of advanced climbing knots
  • Setting up rappel/abseiling anchors & back-up systems


Are you alone in town and need a climbing partner? How about exploring various crags on your own leisure time and letting your guide point out the best routes, and also provide in-depth information about the crag?

This option is ideal for the experienced climber, couples or families that want a personal touch from their guide.

  • Explore different crags on the same day. Choose where you want to go and which specific routes that you want to climb.
  • Your guide will work together with you to help you pin-point which areas are suitable for your requirements and your abilities.

Please esquire with us for rates as everyone has different requirements.